USB problems and VIA chpset motherboards.

Broadband Connection

Yes I have heard this as well so for anyone out there considering broadband use ethernet which is much more reliable.


I agree with Paul, avoid USB Broadband like the plague and use Ethernet.

Where ADSL for instance is presented on USB, do yourself a favour and buy a Firewall/Router to take the USB off your PC.

Response times will decrease and reliability is much better.

Hi all

I've never had a problem running my BT broadband through the USB port, and as it hasn't gone wrong in 8 months, I don't feel the need to fiddle.......or do I :confused:

Chartman if I do, can you give a price for a router? (which would run my 2nd computer)
....broadband via USB modem works perfectly fine....never has any problems mentioned...I use USB hub and have 8 items chained to it...

You can use two computers on a single broadband computer uses second computer's connection to broad=band...I use three computers like this...simultaneously without any marked drop in broadband performance..

FTSE Beater : I use BTopenworld and didn't have any problems with their USB modem.

However, I needed to be able to connect more than one computer to the internet. I had to dump BT's modem and I bought a D-Link DSL 504 combined modem/router (about £100).

More details on a thread called 'BTopenworld Broadband Question'. (sorry , i dunno how to put in a direct link to it from this message).

If u only need to use one 'puter and it's working fine at the moment, then an IT motto comes to mind 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

Despite my best efforts I couldn't get BTs ADSL to work with an Alcatel USB using internet connection sharing. Several trips to discussion forums suggested this is a common problem.

I have got it going using Win2K Server and ISA no problem at all.

What I found was that sometimes it took a full 15 minutes after turning on the PC for the ADSL connection to come live, sometimes both lights just disappeared and the modem only worked after a PC reboot and the affor mentioned wait. When trading this is simply not acceptable.

I have to say my main PC does have a VIA Chipset so maybe that was the problem all along. Under failure conditions other USB devices worked, and in the same port. All diagnostics suggested it should have been working.

Eventually I bought an ActionTec Wireless Router/Firewall. Immediatly ping responses to various sites were 50% quicker, and I have never lost connectivity nor have I had to reboot the device. As an added advantage I can now use PCs and Laptops anywhere in the House and Garden. Well worth the £150

I have been using USB Alcatel ASDL modem since last April. Sometimes the PC use to freeze, but after updating the VIA MB drivers, had no further problems.

3 PCs and a laptop share via 8 port router without any problems