US Stock Brokers for Small Accounts?


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I remember reading here that some US stock brokers allows clients with accounts less than the minimum requirement of $25,000 to trade more than 3 times in 5 days by taking them into the companies' trading umbrella. Can you please tell me the names of such brokers?

Basically I am looking for a broker to allow me to trade NASDAQ stocks more than 3 times in 5 days with tight spread and small commissions, and I cannot afford the $25,000 yet.

Please let me know. And I apologise if this has been asked; I seem to be unable to find that specific thread at the moment... :confused:


I think it was Naz who first spoke of this and also FTSE Beater did as well so maybe if you contact them direct you will get an answer.



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information. :)

I have asked Naz and he also remembered reading it here at T2W; I will ask FTSE Beater for his opinion.


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Clylbw - you may want to consider forex or futures where there are no commie, uncapalist restrictions of any kind.


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Hi Skim,

Thanks indeed for the link. :D


I am indeed considering going into FX.

Currently I am using CFDs for stocks, and I am tired of their wild spreads and commissions. But I still wish to trade NASDAQ stocks as I am most experienced in this area. I wonder whether there is a way to overcome the $25K barrier and trade those stocks themselves instead of using CFDs.
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