Universal Stock Futures


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USF's are advertised by LIFFE.

has anyone traded them?

What do you consider to be their advantages (if any) ?

can you short them ?


Usf's are traded by most futures brokers, and you can short them the same as a spreadbet. Either for daytrading or for the longer term. As you probably know it's a postion on the stocks future price, same as ftse march contract for instance.
I have had a quick look at these but as yet can find no way to compare them with anything the spreadbetting firms quote. (So no loss there then.)

I mean I have not been able to chart them real time, so for me I will not trade them.
Same as future contracts or options. IE the leverage side of things. One contract normally 1000 shares. No stamp duty and contracts are around £2.00. per contract through the broker.

Get it right and it pays well; get it wrong and you are in deep. Money is up front to cover margin. (Oh how I long for the old days, when you could open a trade for £10,000 and close it a week later without paying a penny.)
I personally think they are a very good idea. Just a pity about the charts.
If anyone knows different about the charts please let me know.

John. (options)
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It is possible to trade these using the normal share chart.
But for me, it is not something I would like to do.

John. (options)