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Ok heres the story...basically i'm a student and am looking for alternative ways of investing my student loan rather than opening an ISA. I am still re-reading the CT-manual and already I am up late hours searching for more info on the web, checking out charts etc.

My question to you is: with limited capital available approx. £1,000, and my only other trading experience is with penny shares on the AIM, what would be the most ideal instrument to begin applying the ct fromula? :confused:

I have heard a lot of negativity surrounding spread bets and quite frankly am put off by it. :( I am mainly interested in CFDs and USFs for stocks to begin with but am interested to know what others think.

Many thanks for your time and good luck with all your future trades :)
Zero cool IMHO walk away and finish your education.I would not play the markets with a student loan your education is more important.

Apply risk /reward to the situation.What do you risk?You risk your future which could be worth many, many thousands with a decent qualification.Whats your reward not that much compared to what you would loose if you lost your capital and had to stop what you were doing and leave.
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Hey Naz, thanks for the reply, I understand the concerns but I meant I can afford to risk the student loan, my tution fees have already been taken care of. I applied for the student so I could deposit it into an ISA as the interest rate was higher than what the Student Loans Company were charging - therefore I hoped to make a small profit.

Can you possibly enlighten me a bit further please, if I lose all my capital I will be sad, but but financially ok.

Cheers again for your views
What subject are you studying? Maths, Physics, IT, Engineering?
It does matter surprisingly
Hi Mr Charts, at the moment I am in my final year of microbiology, not a very mathmatical based degree I admit but you asked :)

However, I love the markets and trading them, the more I look into it the more I want to know but I would like to hear from people with experience to maybe pick up some do's and dont's early on. I'll be in paper trade mode for some time I suspect.

Thanks for your reply
Mr Charts,

Thats a very interesting point you raised. Any chance you can expand on what you know of it. Not just in relation to Zero Cool, but in a general manner as well....