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Is there a book (that you don't need a maths degree to read) that could help one formulate a strategy/system? An encyclopaedia of strategems!?I know what I want to do but haven't really got the maths to formulate/optimize a system for best returns.If there was something I could read through that showed what's out there.Maybe something would click and I could pull things together?
there are worse books than
Kaufman's "Trading systems and methods".

but not many any better ?
I found "The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies" by Jeffrey Owen Katz quite useful. It does not give you ready to use trading systems, but it gives you great ideas to develop your own.

Another not too bad one is "Trading Systems That Work" by Thomas Stridsman.

Katz book is rubbish and waste of money in my opinion!! I also
bought their SW too - complete waste of time.

However, Stridsman and the Kaufman books are both excellent.
BTW Stridsman has a new book also. See traderslibrary - they have it.

I would not call Katz book rubbish. As I mentioned it is not a book for somebody who is looking for a specific trading system. A friend of mine is a developer of trading systems, and found a lot of inspiration in the book. I never had a look at the software.
I agree with you on the Kaufman book. Have it myself, and think it is very good.

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