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Hello Everyone! I'm currently researching investing in Bonds v.s. Bond ETFs,
A typical bond ETF looks like so:
My question is ( and I'm not too sure how to formulate it properly, even), is that there is price fluctuation. Is the assumption here correct that it's better, just as with other stocks, to wait until the price is in the bottom part of the range, OR, like with Bonds, is the price fluctuation "taken into account" when it comes to the dates of the payouts.
I wish I could formulate my thoughts more clearly regarding this, hopefully someone knows what I'm trying to ask.
thanks in advance!


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It’s better to wait until the price is at the bottom of the price range to avoid unexpected surprises. I mean price fluctuations and price drops at the moment you open a deal. Of course, if you have more information, then you can buy at any time. But if there is no information, it is better to expect the bottom part of the price range. ETF assets may include hundreds and thousands of bonds of various issuers from around the world. When choosing ETF bonds, pay more attention to the analysis of the index on which basis was created this ETF (how many and what specific bonds are included in the index, what is their average maturity, what is their credit rating, etc.). But contrary simple bonds, ETFs price almost don't depend on the payout dates, as its combine a lot of bonds with different payout dates
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