United Utilities - Triangle Formation


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Looking at a long term graph for this company (7 years) I can see an interesting triangle formation. A breakout seems on the cards in the next few months.

Could anyone offer some comments about the graph pattern?

How do I attach a graph to my thread? I am using Sharescope as my software.


Hi Madog



This is certainly looking interesting. A break and close below 560 would probably test support at 440, and if that fails then were into all time lows.

The way the markets are looking currently, I would favour the break-out to be on the downside.

To get a chart into the Thread, you have to do a Print Screen in sharescope, paste the picture into a paint package and save it. Then the picture needs to be uploaded onto your website with an IMG link put into the thread, (this may sound long winded, but you soon get use to it, and if you need any help let me know.):)
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Hi Madog,

FTSE Beater is quite right, one way of adding charts to your post is to uploaded the images to your own website and then use an img link in your post. But if you don't have your own website or just want to post one image then you can upload the image directly to our site at the time of submitting your site. For instructions check out this bb thread. A nice feature would be a chart upload feature where you specify the epic, the time frame and it automatically inserts the chart into your post... ill look into it!

A Breakout?

Ive been keeping a close eye on this one for the past 2 months. Is there a hint of breakout? If so when would be a safe time to take the plunge?

I have tried to attach my graph so here goes!




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looks like a breakout to me using july 2001 peak. also using that peak and the december low the closing price showed a 50% fib retracement.interesting.
Sorry about this, but i'm going to try and attach the graph again!



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Bill G said:

Hoorah !! Success. Just checking the price its 636
it looks promising Fair volume but some big volumes through the day knocking the price I can't think people will be profit taking at this level?
Bill G
Surely this could break out to the north!!! Should we hit 640 - 660 we should be able to get tp 700p. Correct me if I am wrong but it could go either way. safe stock high dividend i would say it is going up