Ukraine invasion

Over 882,000 Ukrainian men now EU refugees


White House claims Russian forces started offensive on Kharkov

Global Times (China):
"...Germany's foreign and economic departments, controlled by the far-right Greens... Baerbock and her far-right party are heavily biased in ideology..."
German FM hyping China issues during trip to S.Pacific exposes Germany's deep political divisions

Ukrainians actively using British weapons to strike Russian regions




EU shifts toward ‘war economy’ – official

Western elites want to prosper at expense of others

New NATO member has no plans to send troops to Ukraine

Kiev blames US arms policy for Russian advances


ATACMS missile submunitions scattered unexploded in Crimea in Ukraine's most recent attack
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Slovak Prime Minister Fico wounded in chest, stomach and arm
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US did not enable Ukrainian strikes beyond Ukrainian territory — Blinken


Kyiv will fall in three months, US intelligence officer says
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Legitimate Ukrainian president needed to sign any agreements

Starlink’s failure helps Russian army take Kiev forces by surprise in Kharkov Region


Biden currently not scheduled to attend Zelensky’s ‘peace conference’

Zelensky blasts West for wanting conflict to end

West ‘playing with fire’