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Hi All,
This is my first ever post in the forum!
Does anyone know of a web site that lists UK shares about to go ex-dividend in the next few weeks?? I have been following a strategy of buying before the ex date and selling afterwards, assuming that the trade doesn't result in a loss. I've been successful but its hard work tracking the ex-dividend dates. The London Stock Exchange wants about £1000 pa for the service.
I'm not worried about tax implications as the trades are inside my personal pension. Thanks in anticipation!
My next target is PILKINGTON, ex 3.25p on Tuesday (I think)

I don't know of a web site off-hand. I use Sharescope eod and you can sort shares in ex-div date order.

I think Pilkington goes ex-div on 11 June which is Wednesday.

BlueChip Trader,
Thanks for the link. Could be what I am looking for.

It's early days yet, but the strategy seems worthwhile. Several points to remember. Dividends are treated as earned income, therefore if you are a higher rate taxpayer you will pay extra tax. Secondly at 0800 hours on the ex dividend date the share price is reduced by the dividend amount. You need a robust market for the price to recover quickly. An alternative strategy could be to buy at 0801 hours in the expectation of the price recovering quickly, if you don't want earned income! Being totally honest, in my last 2 dividend deals, BAE SYSTEMS and ROLLS ROYCE, I could have made much more profit if I hadn't sold after the dividend date, but held on. So I may modify the strategy!
Seems worth while to me and it should be easy to test the theory.

I will let u know the results

Agincourt et al

SB futures always reflect the XD price (eg: if the cash offer is 240 the futures will be pro rata 220 reflecting a 20p dividend). Robust shares in a good market often shrug off the XD drop very quickly. This can give you a head start particularly when the future expiry date is not far away.

Good trading.

can you short a stock before the ex dividend date and cover when the price is down at 8.01pm and make a profit?
money123 of course you can short before the xd date, and of course you can buy it back the day they go xd at 8.01AM. What you have failed to allow for is that if you short the share over the xd date , say through a CFD, you will "owe" the dividend to who ever bought the stock from you, and this will of course be a cost.
So, in summary NO!! you can't make money doing this!
Had another great example of the strategy of buying solid shares just before they go ex-dividend. I bought Imperial Tobacco (IMT) at 1625 hours yesterday at 1092p. They went ex a 30p dividend today. At 0800 today they were marked down hard to 1060p. I nearly bought more. but chickened out as I had a meeting to go to. They have recovered throughout the day and closed at 1088p.
I'm doing this inside my SIPP.