UK House Prices.


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That's scandalous mate !!
How do they expect people to have that capital I meanni understand the Supply Demand scenario but still shocking


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Not many people stay in any one place that long. Probably age related and averages may move but to suggest you'll stay in one place for 20+ years sounds like a life sentence to me.

What have you done wrong? ;)
AH lol...well we have lived in many places but what we bought is a 6 bedroom house and a forever home for us and the kids


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In the UK, houses are pretty expensive. My wife and I tried to find cheaper options, but we needed furniture because we didn't have our own at the time. In this business, there are two options where you can go, namely private individuals or real estate agents. Individuals can bargain with you for a more loyal price, but those options are not as lovely and exciting as those that can offer you agencies. That is where we went because we found on the site of one agency a charming and very comfortable apartment. We liked it immediately, and so we bought it the same evening.
Yeah UK is very expensive in the South West
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