UK broker


ive looked in to UK brokers to finally start trading on a demo account but im undecided between saxo markets and IG

if someone is a trader with one of these broker firms it would mean a lot if you could tell me your opinion on them
many thanks
Of those two,

I'd be inclined to opt for Saxo Markets.

Purely in personal experience over time, have seen and read more moaning about IG than Saxo.

But as demo accounts won't cost you, then it's a matter of which platform you find easier to use.

When it comes to costs for the real thing, then there's little to choose between them..
£8= /trade + ~£8= / month in custody fees. -cheaper as you trade more [10+] over time.

But beware of extra hidden charges in the small print, especially at IG.

Reasoning- IG's so-called 'transparent' fee structure is at the least, complex and overpriced, and at worst, baffling.
& tends to change with the wind, market conditions and every little whim.
Inactivity will cost you dearly !

Just my ha'penny worth of opinion.

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Sure. Get a demo account with both. The demo platforms will be virtually indistinguishable from their real trading platforms.
Get the demo account for both and try to check how to trade well with both traders. If you find one good for your trading then choose one of them and start live trading.
Hi guys,
I hope everyone is doing well.

I personally use Zenfinex Limited. They are an FCA regulated broker located in Mayfair, London. Their customer support is superior to any brokers I have used before. Check them out :)
I've not traded in ages but have started using my old ETX account.
I realised i'm getting KILLED on their crazy overnight charges. They're so much.

Are there any decent spread bet brokers that charge less? I'm thinking maybe CMC?

Both are actually good brokers. You will have to be more specific in terms of what you’re looking for in your broker. Like the reasons, I trade with IB and Coinexx are their interactive interface and variable leverage. Lowest spreads of Coinexx are also a big plus for me.