Trouble connecting


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Has anyone else had trouble today connecting to T2W ???

Internet traffic around the world slowed dramatically for hours during friday night and early this morning. Apparently the effects of a virus-like infection which overwhelmed the world's digital pipeline. CNN reports:

The virus-like attack, which began about 12:30 a.m. EST, sought out vulnerable computers on the Internet to infect using a known flaw in popular database software from Microsoft Corp., called "SQL Server 2000." But the attacking software code was scanning for victim computers so randomly and so aggressively -- sending out thousands of probes each second -- that it overwhelmed many Internet data pipelines.

At present there is no eta for a full fix and many people are still finding that it is affecting their Web browsing and delivery of e-mail.
For more on the story check out CNN
I did this morning, but it appears to be okay now (touch wood!).

Just couldn't connect to any websites inc. T2W, even though I was connecting successfully on the ADSL with Pipex.

Same as me. I reckon there was major probems at whats it called house in London.

Ah, you mean.. Telehouse Data Centre. Home of T2W!

Here's the info direct on Today's events direct from our web hosting co:

Sat Jan 25 11:01:35
Due to an extremely large amount of malicious network activity, in our upstream networks (which we believe is due to a MSSQL Server worm attach) our main uplink is current off air. Our upstream provider (Nildram) is working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. (

Sat Jan 25 14:51:27
Our network connections appear to be mostly recovered, however we are still seeing intermittent high latency on our upstream connections.
The MSSQL Server exploit would appear to be widely documented now, for example:

Thank you for your patience in this matter.