Trendsignal Users (new thread old subject)

May 3, 2005
Yesterday a question was asked about Trendsignal.. the trending software company from cranfield. The advice was to look under discussions and type in Trendsignal. This i did (perhaps others too had a look) and found what amounted to be an exchange of all manner of opinions and emotions that went on page after page. I must confess i was drawn in for a few hours!!! due to being interested in the result of the debate (sad but true).

Avoiding raising the dead. Are there present or past users of EOD or Intraday users of Trendsignal that use this forum. I am interested in the users point of view and if reluctant to go public, then please send a private message instead that will be treated in confidence.
Thank You.
Jun 10, 2005
Do you still use Trendsignal?


I'm a new member - hope you don't mind me sending you a private message.

I received the TS marketing stuff and attended a demonstration a few months back and planned to leave it at that. That was before I was introduced to this trading community. I then followed the TS thread and saw that you had purchased the intraday product.

I wondered if you stil use TS? If so, what markets do you have most success with using TS? Would you recommend it? Using TS what % of your trades are winners / losers? Are you satisfied with the product given that you spent c. £3.5k. In fact, can you recommend it?

Thanks in advance for your comments / thoughts.

watsone said:
i have the intraday version

regards edward
Feb 16, 2012
today: Cable 1.5860 entry - 1.5795 close
EUR/USD: 1.32218 entry1.3159 close

Apr 10, 2002
I tried Trendsignal(intraday)for awhile but did not get on with it as it just constantly repainted rendering the signals meaningless plus there was the subscription to pay for Esignal and Ensign.
I understand there is a Metatrader version available now,i also read somwhere that the present day version of Trendsignal does not repaint but perhaps a recent purchaser of the system can confirm or otherwise my last 2 points.
But just because i wasn't successful using Trendsignal doesn't mean to say others aren't
Feb 16, 2012
trendsignal does not repaint, and as far as i know never has - and yes there is an MT4 version. but i use the ensign version which as of next week has gold silver and more markets included. i did use mt4 before but im happy paying $50pm for data feed to be honest