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Has anyone come across these guy's or actually use them. I keep getting a mail shot from a reputable web site about them. Apparently they supply "Two Way Trade" with signal's. There claiming to be offering "hundreds of points a week" in signal tips.

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated


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Read a post on T2W in the last couple of days by "Zarif" who bought the system about a week ago, worth tracking it down and send him a PM


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I think you should know that TwoWayTrade has exactly the same address and some of the same personnel, so they`re not likely to be impartial!


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If you get the TWT tip sheet they openly admit they use TrendSignal. They are the same people


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I Have Visit Ed Their Officf In Milton Keynes And Will Heasitate To Give Them Bser Of The Century.


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There's been a lot of discussion here about TrendSignal. You can do a search for it (try it as one word and as two). There's a long thread called "TrendSignal" in the Commercial Systems section, with many opinions (several of them not bad at all, I understand, especially about the people selling it, which is quite unusual).


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Trendsignal is a tool, or a 'decision support system' as described on their site.

IMO, it order to use it successfully you'll need to become a good trader in your own right, and it must fit your style. Trendsignal have said that the 'software' they provide is only part of the package, the rest being training and guidance.

I'm sure many use it and have great success. Just as many use other tools, such as MA's, CCI, Relative strength, etc, etc.

But are these successful traders anyhow ? their tools only appearing to work, when in reality they're little more than comfort blanklets giving confidence to take trades that are picked from experience anyhow ?


Are the trendsignal guys conmen ? No, they believe in and trade with their own product.

Is Trendsignal good ? Yes.

Better that other indicators ? Don't know.

Would I spend 3K or whatever on it ?
No, unless I believed the training they provide was good enough to turn a non-profitable trader into a profitable one. In other words, almost mentorship level support.

If I had limited funds, would I buy it ?
No, I'd look to learn other ways to trade that are much cheaper.
If you like indicators, look at Woodies CCI club (Free, and many rave about it), or learn how markets really work by studying Price and Volume on DBPhoenix's threads.

Hope this helps,

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