Transferring from one PC to another


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Best Way to Tranfer from one m/c to another

I'm looking to set up a new m/c to be as identical in look (desktop) and function as the one I'm currently using.

At a single cut-over point, I want to transfer all data, programs, settings etc, across and (hopefully) fire up the new m/c and carry on as if nothing was different (apart from better performance, disk space etc.)

How close to that dream can I get the reality and what software/hardware would you recommend I use to achieve this goal?


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Why not creating a small home network so you can keep old pc. Network card, network switch + a network cable (£5.0) do the job. Cost me in 1992 about £60.-.
Benefit is that all PC's can be comnnected via network to 1 adsl connection.
No doubt there are many others who can provide more specifoc tips. good luck


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I've already got 4 Desktops and Laptops connected on a wireless ADSL router. But that doesn't help me.

I want to run my primary m/c (the new one) with all the stuff that's on the 'old' one and am looking to physically transfer it - completely - favorites, data, programs, regsitry the whole kit & caboodle.


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In XP Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

To open the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard helps you move your data files and personal settings from your old computer to your new one, without having to go through much of the same configuration you did with your old computer. For example, you can take your personal display properties, folder and taskbar options, and Internet browser and mail settings from your old computer and place them on the new one. The wizard will also move specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites.
Hardware= x over cable connected between 2 PC or try your
wireless ADSL router.
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sounds like a disk copier is the way to go, please excuse the rough guide as this is 'top of the head' stuff rather than a long planned migration policy....
Basically I'd look to do the equivalent of a diskcopy operation, so a modern backup program that allows copying one disk to another looks favourite. is one such that might suit, although there are others... you could copy disk to disk by temporarily plumbing the new drive into the old PC then remove it and stick into the new one, or a less screwdriver intensive option would be to get the new PC up on your network then copy across the network from old to new.
A number of ways to skin the cat, I'd think. You'd need to keep an eye on drivers - old PC using graphics card A, new PC using card B might take some sorting after the copy of course....



You can transfer whole disk using s/w DiskImage7 or Acronis. Either can be used to transfer whole operating system and data.

I personally use DiskImage to Archive data to external disk.


Full name is PowerQuest drive image7. It even backs up while you are using the PC.


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Drive Image is an excellent program for this purpose as it does what its title says. If you decided to go this way it would, in the light of your other 4 machines be a good opportunity to invest in Partition Magic too then you could get yourself a bombproof networked backup system organised by creating new disc partitions for the purpose


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If you do copy your drive using one of the utilities mentioned, you need to watch out if you are running XP. It won't run if you try to boot your copied image on a machine with different chipset or processor type. IE if you move from Intel to AMD, or Intel 845 chipset to 865 etc, you will not be able to boot.

There are ways of getting around this: either re-install XP over the top of itself, or prime your exisiting image with the new chipset/processor details before copying. Won't go into the details here.

You should be Ok with Win 98 and similar, which doesn't suffer from the same restrictions.


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I've used PC relocator (Alohabob) to transfer all data and programs from a w98pc to an XP one.
Only problems with java progs and the odd driver.All normal windows programs are performing OK.
If I was doing it again I'd buy a USB cable - it ran for 40 hours on parallel cable


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Thanks for all your replies.

Seems I forgot to mention my current operational equipment is a laptop, which kind of puts the lid on disk-to-disk type transfers via motherboard connection.

The other thing is that I'm running XP Pro on both old and new m/cs and this presents (already referred to) problems.

What I've decided to do is adopt a low-tech solution to this migration and simply list all the progs that I have on the existing m/c and install them afresh on the new one.

Getting the data across wil be no problem as I already use a FastLynx cable.

Thanks again for all suggestions and help.
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