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help please peeps :)
i have sierra charts and in order to keep a record of my trades i have saved the chart into a folder, but when i try to open the saved chart in Word 98 or excel all i get is a load of squares.
could you please advice me on how to rectife the prob or suggest another program i can open a chart in and then write text.
many thanks nick :confused:
If you PrintScreen, and then paste into Word, you can then write on the chart using the drawing tools.

You can also write on the charts using the text option in Sierra first, and then PrintScreen it into Word for saving.

How have you saved the chart? It's probably saved with the extension .gif or .jpg - to open these successfully in Word you have to choose insert -> picutre -> from file via the menu bar at the top of Word. If you try and open it via file -> open it will appear as lots of boxes and weird characters just as you've described.

thanks for the prompt reply skim,
i have looked through sierra and cannot find print screen,
i have tried copy and paste with no success.
am i missing something? apart from a brain!!
i saved the file by going to file then save as
i,ve just tried insert picture with no success ?
cheers nick
Print Screen - press the [Prt Scr] button at top right of your keyboard, this will copy a picture of the screen into your PC's RAM. Open up Word, click the blank page and then hold down the [Ctrl] key (bottom left of keyboard), keep it down and press the [V] key... (Ctrl+V is a key shortcut for the 'paste' command). You ought to see the picture appear.
Best is to copy it into an 'art' program like Paintshop Pro to resize and fiddle with it before sticking it into your Word doc, but the above should get you on the right track.