Jai Ramoutar, the person behind the URL you have posted, does in fact hang out on Elite Trader - if you wish to find out more, you may want to look there.

u are right- i know i saw his name somewhere- it was in elitetrader

At least he is not widely advertised ( as far as I know)- but not too sure exactly what he does...........
Jai Ramoutar has quite a long Journal / thread on Elite - and from memory that tells the reader quite a lot about his trading style. There's comment also about his coaching charges - a whopping umpteen grand per day I believe.

From his comments, he appears to have quite a long track record in trading, and seems to be popular with brokerages for training tutoring.

If you're able to read between the lines, there's an awful lot of info on that Elite thread. :D
From what I have seen on the site , there is alot of free and good information there. I go to the US several times per year, and will look into his services. I'm a skeptic when dealing with US market tutors.

I didn't see the amount for his coaching, but everything else looks in order.

I'll stick with the newsletter for now. Let me know if you come across anything interesting. Cheers.