Brand New Monthly Newsletter


Today's see the launch of the brand new monthly newsletter.

Everyone should now have received a copy.

Unfortunately due to it being the first glossy email that we've done,we ran into some technical problems and a small number of members may have received the newsletter more than once - we do apologise if you have.

I've attached the newsletter to this post, in case you've unsubscribed from it - just so you can see what you're missing.

All the best,



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The newsletter is great. However, I received it 3 times :cheesy:

I also use a steam age mail system that does not handle HTML. It would actually be much more useful to me to receive an email with a link to the HTML newsletter, rather than the newsletter itself.
Hi GreyingSurfer,

Sorry about that, like I said in my first post - a small number of people did receive the newsletter more than once - 3 max, as eager as I'm sure you are to read it, 3 copies is 2 too many - so apologies for that. However I do know what went wrong, and I've made sure it won't happened again.

As regards ageing old mail systems, you're quite right - either a link to the newsletter or a "tailored" text version of it. Now your email client should have received the text version (we actually send both together, but email clients (even old ones) should be clever enough to display the correct one for you to view - but rather than send a tailor made text version, the software does its best to convert the html version on the fly, so I'm not sure what the results are going to look like.

I'll put either solution in place for next month's issue, which will now always go out the first week of every month.

Glad you liked though - all the same!

T2W May Newsletter

I've just sent out the May Newsletter - had hoped to send it out within the first week of the month, but alas I've been so busy I've only managed to get it out the door 31 May! Still better later than never folks.

I've attached a copy for any new members, and if you haven't received your it's either because you've chosen not to or you need to update your email address - both of which you can do from here:



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Hi bonsai,

You should now have received your copy. The reason you didn't get it first time round was because in your user control panel under options you've specified not to receive email notices from board administrators and moderators, even though you had specified to receive the monthly newsletter. So the system got a little bit confused - I've now made a change to it, so that the wish to receive newsletter/partner offers take precedence over email notices, and have sent out the newsletter this morning to those people that had a conflict.

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