Trade2Win Monthly Newsletter - May 2003

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Dear Member,

Welcome to the May edition of the T2W monthly newsletter. We hope you'll find it a useful digest of what's currently happening at

In this edition of the monthly newsletter...

New Features:

  2. FAQ Forum
  3. New Competition Prize
  4. Charting (coming soon!)

Regular Columns:

  1. Upcoming Trading Events
  2. Top Bulletin Board Threads
  3. May Poll Results
  4. Competition Winners

It's been another busy month at T2W - we're fast approaching 4000 members and all the time breaking records for activity on the website. Thanks to all our supporters, contributors and moderators for making this community work so well!

Paul Gould aka Sharky
T2W administrator

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Trade2Win - New Features


Not content with two domains we've switching on a third -the domain. Ideal for those members who are in a hurry! will continue to remain active and for the time being be our primary website address - but look out for a forthcoming poll to help determine which domain members think should prevail.

2. FAQ Forum

Starting out as a suggestion from one of our members, jls483. The idea was to create a new forum to bring together the best bits from our archive of existing forums. This is how it works: members can start an FAQ by posting it as a new thread in the FAQ forum either using their own knowledge or better still with the help of a quick search on the forums. Other members can then comment on the FAQ, and after a month or so, the original author rewrites the FAQ to take into account this feedback.

3. New Competition Prize

We're very pleased to announce that the winner of our monthly share competition will now win 3 months of free ADVFN Basic Level 2 access which normally costs £39.99 + vat a month. If you haven't already entered this month - you can do so right now by clicking here. Read our full announcement on the boards.


4. Charting (coming soon!)

A much sought after feature of the site shall shortly become a reality. with the introduction of technical charting on the T2W website. We'll be posting more information about this in the T2W News & Events forum during the month of June.

Trade2Win - Regulars

5. Upcoming Trading Events - Next 5 Weeks

Date Type Name
Fri 6 Jun 2003 Conference StockInvest 2003
Wed 25 Jun 2003 Meeting Breakfast Chat
Sat 28 Jun 2003 Course TA in a Nutshell
Sat 5 Jul 2003 Event Traders Day

6. Top Bulletin Board Threads

Bulletin Board Thread Thread Starter Replies Rating
General Trading Chat selecta7 - anybody looked into it? jls483 20
Trading for a Living Day Trading Firms in the UK? JPtheGuy 103
Indices Indices Review TBS 16
TA & System Trading Dow and FTSE P&F Charts mags_g 37
First Steps TBS - TA in a Nutshell TBS 10

7. Results of the Monthly Poll

Which indicators do you use?
Price Only 26 (5.64%)
CCI 35 (7.59%)
RSI 56 (12.15%)
Volume / OBV 29 (6.29%)
Level II 14 (3.04%)
Stochastic 47 (10.20%)
Average True Range 5 (1.08%)
Bollinger Bands 28 (6.07%)
Fibonacci 31 (6.72%)
MACD 51 (11.06%)
Momentum 14 (3.04%)
Rate of Change 6 (1.30%)
Moving Averages 77 (16.70%)
Pivot Points 24 (5.21%)
Other 18 (3.90%)
Total: 461 votes

8. Monthly Competition Winners (Top 5)

Share Competition - Finished 23 May
1. eyup £88,168.28
2. badger2003 £71,940.23
3. Caledonian Seer £69,323.43
4. Crazy Guy £62,526.62
5. Monty Burns £61,646.48
Dow Competition - Finished 9 May
1. ChartMan 15 pts
2. DemonHeadmaster 14 pts
3. LORD JAMLA 11 pts
4. jpwone 10 pts
5. NastyItch 10 pts
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