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If you start any type of business you first have to come up with the initial seed capital to get the business off the ground. This comes with the understanding that there’s always risk because there’s never a guarantee that the business will prosper. With any traditional business we will always be subjected to the vagaries of the economy, litigation, and growing competition in whatever field we decide to venture into. This makes starting a business for many people somewhat challenging.
One of the advantages of using trading as a vehicle for generating income is that once a skill is learned, all of the aforementioned challenges that a traditional business faces no longer apply. If you learn how to trade properly, any market condition can be fruitful because you have acquired the skill of trading in up, down, and sideways markets. Trading presents other challenges of a personal nature, such as the focus and discipline required to execute the strategy. And for these reasons, just like...
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trading as a business

He is of course correct but so many people start unrealistic businesses-so many idiotic institutions fund unrealistic businesses too.
I have now been posting on my buddy's website [Link Removed] but in the UK there are so few of us. I am on a mission to get more people trading- but most folk are lazy and their lack of knowlege makes them suspicious. So, they gift their money to some dreadful fund.
I'm enthusiastic about all forms of trading but I just happen to love, and make money from options. All the best. David


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fair enough

good to see such a post and i suppose its timely to make sure beginners are aware of treating trading like a buisness.......would have liked to see more content though .....N
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