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When you start as an analyst in a retail FX shop and your background has largely been fundamental analysis you can quickly find yourself being ostracised, worse even ridiculed for your “old fashioned” view of the market.
Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m writing from personal experience. But soon after moving into the retail world, I devoured tombs on technical analysis, progressing to inter-market analysis and then pretty fancy technical strategies. This ended up being the perfect complement to my fundamental background. While some traders are technical purists, I am not. I take the best bits from both to navigate the choppy waters of the markets.
With both my institutional and retail FX experience, I still come to the same conclusion:  economic news and events are key drivers of the market, particularly the FX market. Thus, knowing how to react to news events is crucial if you want succeed at FX trading, even if you are a die-hard technician. Below is a practical guide for trading the...

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Some Advice For News Traders

Don't do it

Are there honestly any long term profitable news traders who can show proof ?????


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We've just published a new T2W article called "Trading the News" by Kathleen Brooks.

Quick Summary: Kathleen Brooks offers practical advice on how to trade news in the forex market.

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I saw Kathleen Brooks this afternoon in London ,I will try to get to see her tomorrow , even tomorrow evening so I will let you know what she is like. :love::cool::whistling


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Kathleen demonstrates the glorious female brain in action....

' The great thing about trading the news is that there is so much of it '

' <span>The problem with trading the news is that there can sometimes be too much of it.'

Sort her out on this one Tytus , will you. You'll have to be disciplinarian on the matter, ? Naughty.. naughty...naughty... ! ;-)

Let's roll. </span></span>


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The fundamentals are needed to find good opportunities to invest.

The news should be interpreted in the right way, not all is true and not all information affecting the market. Traders working with must be very analytical critical, since the information used may be the clue to select a good market opportunity. Excellent article.


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Have you ever heard good news come out and market sells off? Or bad news and they buy the market? Anything can happen. If you even have to trade the news it just means you have not found the proper methodology with which to trade. In fact, the news is about the only time of day someone with a proper trading methodology does NOT have an advantage. Any other time of day given active market participants you can have an edge. Stay away from news.


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Main thing re news and the Forex.

Don't trade it. On aggregate, you will lose. BIGTIME.

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joining a fairly old thread, but heh i am lonely......

i can remember a few years ago one team at a prop firm (7-8 STIR traders) spent a few hours divising a strategy to trade through, iirc, draghi's speech highlighting key words, how the market wld react, what they wld do tf they cld extrapolate a bund/bobl/schatz strategy from that is another question, but anyway.........

....they all got stopped out for the day in minutes. ha. and then watched great trading opportunities go by for the rest of the day.

& this was during QE to infinity where good news = bad news = roll a dice.

imo TA works much better before/during/soon after news now more than ever.
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