Trading systems for a newbie


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no im still here, i lost my old account on which i was lurking this forum for last 2 years ( comming and going) no worries, im still trading though, i would provide screenshoots but i think admins would shoot me down
So i guess you have to trust me on this one : )


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Ok, I trust you.

not quite what i mean't by this sarcastic response but hey, no wonder any trader worth a damn is -edit- "not" on forums, and those that rarely are don't post much cause they get flamed by "wanabe traders" whose trading is profitable for one month then negative the other. But im not here to flame, or start fights, you guys are too pro for me. instead il try attaching a screenshoot with name ommited :p


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So hello all, im a rather new trader and while still learning alot i came into a possesion of a friends trading system which he used to use. The system not costs 500$ and he says its making him money, so hes giving it to me for a few weeks to try it out and not be skeptical about his "making money with trading software which is impossible".

If it were a cash cow I would advise you to buy it . At least you would have fresh milk every morning . What can you do with a useless software??:devilish:


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Forget any indicator.

Trade without an indicator first to learn true price action ..


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This sounds excellent!
Why do you want to only invest $500?
You have the proof your friend is trading it and making money
I would say the minimum you should invest is 10,000, even borrow if you have to, use your mothers pension as well if you can

I agree with David, the better for you to trade with a small amount of money to see the result.
I advice you be very careful with trading software.
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