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It depends on your trading style. You could give it a try in demo account and see what helps in your favors and what does not


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how to use trading strategies?
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Your question is akin to asking how to use a recipe in a cook book. Answer: you follow it as closely as you can - at least to begin with, using a demo account. Only gravitate to using real money when your results confirm that the strategy is working. If you think improvements can be made, implement small changes over time and only ever one at a time. However, if you do this, you must test and record the changes to ensure they have the positive effect you intend and do not adversely impact the strategy's performance. If you make two or more amendments simultaneously, you won't know which one caused the change in the results - be they positive or negative.

If you want to know how to acquire a trading strategy in the first place - that's another matter entirely. You can either develop your own from scratch or, if that's too difficult, find an existing one (developed by someone else) and use that as your starting point.
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Dude, this is an excellent question and it is not so difficult to answer it, but it all depends on what exchange you trade on and how long you have been doing this. If you have been trading for several years, then you can use any strategies because you can easily understand their essence. I personally only trade forex and use the online fx platform. I use this particular service because the catch-up strategy works great there. I have been working on this strategy for more than two years and it brings me awesome income, but there are a lot of pitfalls here, so I advise you to read more about it. In general, there are many videos on YouTube about this, so you can easily find the right strategy for yourself.
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As for me, the most difficult part of it is to find a proper strategy that suits you and your abilities/knowledge/experience. When you do this, you should check it on your demo account. Than, when you've checked it out and everything went well, you can carefully try to implement it on your real account. And there are two options: either everything will go as smoothly and well as it did on the demo, or there will be some errors and inconsistencies. The trading strategy should be constantly edited and checked.
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