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The quality of the course offered by VS has brought a number of negative replies

The reports on the course offered by Sandy Jadeja all speak highly of it (see reports on this site under Seminars)

The cost of the course is £685. If anyone reading this have been on this course, was it worth it and does his system work?




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I noted that most of the posters on Sandy Jadeja review are not
regular posters on this site.. I wonder if they are
made up reviewers?

So the question remain does anyome use his systems, and if
so how much have they maded?


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The whole theme of going to trading seminars is a tricky subject. I think it was Skimble who said that one thing is to teach someone to trade, and another thing is to teach how to make money. I believe that is so true.

Many suspect that those who teach are the ones who do not make or can make money for themselves. I don’t think that is always the case. I can certainly site many cases where the opposite is true.

Even if we suspect these teachers to trade or not, the key is what we get out of it. I know two good and profitable traders who rely heavily on candlesticks. They both went on Steve Nison’s course and use candlestick set-ups as a result of the teachings of Mr Nison. However, to the best of my knowledge, Mr Nison is not a very active trader himself.

I have my own mentor, a gentleman from Australia called Bryce Gilmore. He is an active trader who is also the father of several books on geometry. I often trade with him on the phone, and he can read the market better than anyone I have ever met. He does about 4 seminars a year and has his own internet forum where he teaches people the art of trading. So I do believe there are successful traders who teaches as well, because they simply like the interaction with other human beings.

I suppose the crunch comes down to the promises they make. The claims that many in the UK put forward to attract business leaves many of us in a state of disbelief because we know how hard a business this is and how merciless it can be.

Making those % claims and the promises of a life of jet setting attract a number of people who should not be in the trading arena at all. Of course that is the nature of free will, but in this business more than anywhere, a healthy dose of scepticism goes a long way.

I like attending seminars myself because I know I am never too old to learn something new. I also know that one good trade intra-day will make me several thousand pounds. If I can walk away from a seminar with one or two new ideas which will help me see the market in a different way or identify a different set-up, then it is well worth the cost of the seminar.

I notice on Trade 2 Win there is a thread on Darren Winter. He has attracted a lot of attention because of his seminars. I went to one of his free evenings, because I wanted to find out what it was all about. Being in the business you can imagine I was fairly sceptical about the whole thing, especially after the first 60 seconds, when he told us to clap because we were so special, and because we wanted to spend an evening in education rather than watch TV. It was rather corny, but apart from that, I really enjoyed both the material he taught and the way it was presented.

I did not want to spend £1500 ( or however much it was ) on his weekend course because his trading style is geared towards investing, and I am a speculator, i.e. our time horizon is different when it comes to trading. However, the material I saw on the free evening was good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I suppose I am telling you guys this because I myself teach people. I do it mostly for free through the company I work for, and I have run 2 seminars that I got paid for. I love teaching because it gives me something, a sense of passing on knowledge. I believe my own mentors feel the same way. At least they stopped charging me a long time ago and they still teach me.

That is the whole spirit of this site and sites like it: passing on information and knowledge.

My heartfelt feelings about trading seminars is that they have got a place in the education of a trader, but trading is an individual occupation, and it pays off to contemplate on what kind of trader you are rather than trying to adopt someones system.

Candlestick or geometry are two different areas that can be used in the way that suits you, in whatever time fram you are trading. Someones black box system is probably not.

Happy New Year


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Bracke -

I went on Sandy's Course in December. Firstly, I am not sure the price on the website is correct - I did not pay that and I don't think anybody from the Finspreads freebie evening did either. You can always e-mail him to ask the current price - he is very prompt at replying to queries. I am not going to go through it all again on this thread but if you look at a previous thread called something like 'Sandy J- is he really that brilliant' you will see exactly what I thought to his course plus I did review the course on the Seminar Board. In a nutshell I thought it was very good but I have not yet traded anything with his methods as the course was in the middle of December and I haven't really had the time to do anything yet.(Christmas n'all that).

Donaldduke -

I most certainly am not a 'Made up Reviewer' and have posted plenty on this site. If you read the aforementioned thread you will also see that it was me who encouraged other delegates on the course to post their reviews on Trade2Win because of all the unfair criticism & negativity that I thought Sandy J was getting on here. This especially as those critics hadn't even attended his course which as I have pointed out elsewhere is not just another 'crossing of moving averages' course but is actually teaching price action methods. The post course support has also been very good - Sandy J regularly sends examples of potential trades and follows every delegate up with a 1 to 1. Also answers any queries by e-mail or phone very promptly.


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My main problem with trading seminars is the cost. For £500 to £4,500 a go, it might take a few to find one that is either useful or is something that will suit my trading style. How much are people prepared to spend? I would rather get a few books that I can read through as many times as I like. If the book isn't good, I just sell it on ebay or amazon. This costs very little and I am sure it is easier to retain information when you can make notes in a relaxed atmosphere in your own home. I never liked seminars in my various educational courses so I suppose that might have put me off.

Some of the "expert traders" who do seminars charge so much and make so much money that I can't see why they would want to trade.

For example, Bryce Gilmore charges US$2,500 for a seminar and US$299 for a book. Looking at his website, he has so many seminars and books, why would he want to trade? It seems that any mention of Gann and the price rockets but I wonder how much of Gann's alleged fortune was made using a simple swing chart?


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Skimble is so right, it's very easy to teach someone how to trade but very hard to teach them how to make money.

On all of these courses it's very likely that you'll get your moneys worth for the former but waste it on the latter.

The reason I don't like this Sandy character is that he knows a 'secret' fib ratio. That to me proves he's full of Bull.


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Anley, who knows. Maybe the sqaure root of 2 divided by the inverse of your shoesize DOES give you the Golden Holy Grail, which you can buy for the bargain price of ....


If you want a good seminar, you should consider the one listed under events on the 30th January.


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I went on a seminar with Sandy after the Finspreads freebie, with the attitude that I may learn something.

I gave his ideas a little test on a few 50p commodity trades with Finspreads. To my surprise , 4 out 5 came right :eek: , they were all short term trades, which suits me.

If you take a look at the current March T Bond and the March Cocoa they would have both been successful trades.

I'm currently testing the figures on the Dax futures, we'll see how it goes.

I'm as scetical/careful as everybody else, but it is alway nice to add good tools to your traders toolbox.

Mr Charts next, thanks to the remarks on this board. :)


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IMHO - as has already been hinted at - anyone can find a suitable, profitable set of rules or methodology that will be profitable.

As perhaps Skim implied though, the ABILITY to EXECUTE and your DISCIPLINE to remain clam when trading CAN NOT be taught in any seminar or book. Sure you can tell people the qualities and how to acquire them, but at the end of the day, it's down to the individual. You either have it or you dont. If you don't, you'd better try harder at acquiring these PERSONAL SKILLS rather than worry about entry technique. In my own experience, this only came after a severe drawdown. I made a lot of money very quickly. I assumed trading was easy! I lost the money even quicker. Then, I began to learn how to trade/manage myself.

Thats something that MUST come from within.


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....and whats more, that insight, determination, and discipline is FREE - YOU find it within YOUR SELF. If you don't, no amount of seminars, books, gurus or whatever will ever help you become profitable.


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Recently I read a restaurant review in one of the free local newspapers that are deposited in my letter box, I'm sure that anybody living in the UK is familiar with the type of newspaper I am talking about.

Has anyone else read a restaurant review in one of these papers ? What's remarkable is that the review is always a good one and of course there is always a good sized advert for the reviewed restaurant a few pages later.

Its all harmless stuff but it irritates me a bit that these newspapers try to pull the wool over their reader's eyes. I sometimes wonder if this site is'nt going down the same road. Have a look at Sunseeker's post y'day. What motivates the post ? What does t2w get from the seminar ? Are the newbies on this site getting "set up" Are the people who are posting valuable information here in good faith being ripped off the sense that their excellent contributions are lending "weight" / credibility to the advertising campaigns being run by the guys who are using this site to market their services ????????

Any opinions ?
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