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Hello guys!
Are there any large office spaces in London, designed specially for independent traders to share space?


There are plenty of co-working shared offices on the market, but I am looking for financial trading atmosphere, to be surrounded with traders, not web-designers, programmers etc...
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You can buy a seat at a prop firm, but you will be paying a premium on, pc/monitor/hardware hire, services, etc etc. I ws paying close to 2.5k pcm to trade excl trade fees. And normally you will need to trade through them, which will incl fees on trades etc (though rebates may cover all of these costs, as a caveat).

Perhaps better to speak to a prop firm directly. There are a few guys who posted on here who set up their own room as independent prop traders, so I wld guess that sort of thing is your best option, maybe pm member pocrel........


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It would depend what you want, professional trading rooms do not charge a premium on your IT set up, I am one that charges everything at cost has a great atmosphere and nice mix of traders across asset classes. Yes as Bid_diddler says you could go to a bespoke room, but are they going to have IT staff, dedicated lines? Ability to increase leverage quickly if you see an opportunity/ Like most things in life you get what you pay for.


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Hi Netizen. I recently joined a trading floor in Brentwood which is about 35 min from Liverpool Street. They have all the equipment and trading facilities you would want from a trading floor. Its not a prop desk so no split and comms to pay. You just pay a desk fee and you can trade anything with your own account. We are 8 guys at the moment and i think the atmosphere is great. You will find all their details on the website
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