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Hey guys,

I am at university in the UK at the moment. I love trading and have done for a few years now - I know this is what I want to work in long-term.

However, I would not want to deal with the instability of prop trading for myself - especially while I am young, relatively inexperienced, under-capitalised, and still have a lot to learn.

Anyway, it seems the pool of market making jobs at banks are drying up and could be gone altogether within the next few years.

So I need a career when I get out of university. My question to you guys is:

- What have you worked as (trading related jobs)? How was the experience?
- If you were to be 20 years old now, which avenues would you explore?


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I would get a solid salaried job somewhere and trade part time ..............


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I would get a solid salaried job somewhere and trade part time ..............
Collecting the same pay check every month for doing something I don't like is not for me. If I work in money management at a bigger firm, for example, or trading/risk management at one of the big 4 I would have a job that provides a stable salary.

One of the questions in the thread (I'm not sure if you read it) was "What have you worked as (trading related jobs)? How was the experience?".

Would you like to share anything regarding this question?


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Having worked for some of the largest European IB in London for 20 years, I agree that market making probably isn't the way to go. Assuming you have a decent degree from a Russell group Uni - try to get into one of the big bank Graduate training schemes - they can last up to a year, cross company with the idea that both you and the bank will find a nice fit!
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