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Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has experience trading on exchange and if so who do you use as a broker/clearer? I am interested in the following products:


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To clarify and add some additional information.

If you were a large group of day traders trading/scalping the futures market, what is the best route to take in terms of pricing and execution? Is the best bet to get a live feed to the CME or something?

Any trading groups or professional retail traders ever use this option? I'm guessing once large enough you aren't going to be using a retail broker.


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If you are planning mainly CME and associated exchanges they have the International Incentive program for prop firms and arcades. However you need pretty high volume to make it worthwhile. I don't know the break even point. You still need to clear through a broker or exchange member but the CME fees and therefore the total commission is a lot less.
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As gc1 said, you have lower fees when your organisation will do like hundreds of thousands lots a year.
I had my incentive from CME in 2010/2011 and I had to trade 50000 lots within a year , which in practice is possible on spread markets only unless you trade/ scalp with like 20 lot clip size on outright futures. Basically, this is a solution for a market maker.
I was using CQG platform and MF Global/ Marex clearing/ broker. This will cost you like 1000$-1500$ a month just for an access to the data feed and execution plus transaction fees.
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