Trading Nirvana :enlightened mind

Apr 3, 2017
Successful traders achieve a state of mind called trading nirvana.

Trading nirvana is a state of mind ,that detaches itself and the trader from the execution of the trading plan . Nirvana certainly involves a radically transformed state of consciousness which is free of the obsession with “me and mine.”

What is extinguished, in fact, is the triple fire of greed, fear, and cognitive biases . Indeed, the simplest definition of trading nirvana is “the end of emotions , biases , and stress”. It is clear that nirvana is a psychological and ethical reality with a refined and subtle awareness. Negative mental states and emotions , such as doubt, worry, anxiety, and fear plus stress and impatience ,are absent from the enlightened mind.

It is a state of mind , that will execute all trading commands , without interference of ego and the self , of the trading method .Trading is a mental game ,that is won by the mind , a mind under control .It controls the emotions , stress and the nirvana mindset.No thoughts will interfere during trade execution and no desires will exist , other than method commands that are executed perfectly.

The trading nirvana mindset can perfectly execute the trading plan , by subconscious automatic impulsive brain commands , without the ego.

This guy is the opposite state of mind , of a successful trader.