Trading links??

Hi Sharky, Sorry to say but couldn't get the links to other sites to work, just came up with Not Found every time. Tried to add a link with the same result.

Well spotted Waldorf. Thanks for pointing that out, must have missed it.. when I updated the site at the weekend.

Now fixed. :)


ps. nice to see your adding to the list.
OK Sharky, links work fine now, post-a-link message (url thanks not found) needs updating sorry to be a pain
Additional to above, links (gold coloured) at top of pages, UK Share links has a parsing error and Contact Us not found error.
Thanks. Col
Hi Waldorf,

My fault, sorry! I thought I'd fixed it, didn't checn and end up trashing the page with that parse error. Well fingers crossed now it's fixed, along with the link to the contact page.

You do realise you have now volunteered youself as website tester, and I shall be relying on your efforts to track down all the bugs! :)

Thanks again,
Hi Sharky, Could you do me a favour sometime, link to CNN does not work with www. in url would you correct it please, can't find an edit function. put a few links in any you don't agree with just delete them.