Side menu links??

Hi Sharky, Can't open any of the Live Chat-Competition-Trading Links, links, won't load page /hc/33277463/x.js its the same on all of them. I do feel very guilty drawing these to your attention,after all the hard work yourself and collegues put in on this BB,I should be and I am very appreciative, but I can only say thanks once again.


Hiya mate,

Please, please do let me know if anything doesn't work, I might have overlooked it and everyone's help to check that things work as they do, since I don't always have time to double check.

Well, I've quickly tried all the links and they seem to be working fine now, which makes me think it may have just been a server glitch. If anything else weird is going on don't hesitate to post in here.

Hii Sharky, It did work, but it took 10mins to load on my iMac, it only affects headings under Live Chat- Competition- Trading links plus Contact us and Headlines the rest all load instantly. Had (imag.50) loading stuck at one point but only the once, interupting loading with Apple + . displayed the background Graphic with Trade2Win lettering, sometimes with the background flash and sometimes without. Hope these observations are helpful, if it only afffects me (the only Mac user?) i am able to cope with it.