Trading DOW 30 futures


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Hi everyone, I currently spread bet with Deal 4 free and it has been brought to my attention that you can trade the same dow with a 1 point spread and $7 per round turn. Does anyone have more info on this and can anyone suggest a decent broker who gives this service.

Cheerz :rolleyes:


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Thanks for such a speedy response dude, i've tried them and they only do it for individual stocks, what's your take on this alternative anyhow ?? :eek:


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What do you mean? The YM CBOT contract or mini Dow is traded on the IB platform as stated.


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YM-200403-ECBOT is the current contract. Will flip to YM-200406-ECBOT shortly...

Its $4.12 per round trip with IB.

Its pretty volatile (much more so than the "cash" index), but if you can SB then after a while you can probably trade YM futures ok.



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Dow 30 Futures


The large DOW contract is not available as it is partly open-outcry during the main US session, mini-Dow (YM) is the smaller version just like emini-s+p to S+P.

Give this guy a call at IB in London.

Gary 7397 6422


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Excuse me for my ignorance, but how much buying power does interactive brokers give you?

Some CFD Companies, let you trade the Mini-Dow with a 5pt spread, and give you the ability to buy $10594 (current Mini-Dow Price) with only $500. That means you can buy about 10 shares (in this case $50/pt) with only $5000 in your account. Of course you gotta have more cash on your account to cover your losses.

I am sorry I got a little out of topic, I guess my question still remains, how much buying power does IB give you?

Thanks in advance,
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