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Good evening everyone!

I hope all of you are doing well. I'm new to Forex, but am very interested in Trading. From the research I've done, the only market I can trade is the Forex market due to when I work.

I was hoping someone could help me by letting me know if there is enough volume to trade from 7pm to 10pm EST?

If yes, what pairs would you recommend I focus on?

I know this is a Forex Thread, but I was also wondering if there is enough volume to trade the Futures market from 7pm to 10pm EST as well?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts & help,



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Sounds like you’re planning on trading technically and on the shorter timeframes and doing so as a hobby rather than a primary enterprise. It would probably be more helpful for me to suggest you don’t, but unlikely that’s what you want to hear. If you’re determined to press ahead, typically there’s a dead spot between 18:30 and 03:00 UTC where you’d be wasting screen time even on the Asians. You can sometimes start to get a little action from 03:00 onwards, but volume is nothing like the main session and spreads will likely be more expensive if you’re not with a fixed spread broker. If you’ve got a day job and you really want to trade short timeframe, get to bed early and up at 03:00 EST and trade until you go to work. Switching to longer timeframes would enable you to do both.

Do yourself a favour and stay away from Futures until trading has become your day job. Several years after it has become your day job.
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