Brokers for trading Sunday Night Gaps

Jan 1, 2006
I regularly trade the Sunday Night Gaps on the major pairs.

At the moment I use both CMC and FXCM to do this. FXCM generally opens right on 10pm GMT. on CMC I have taken trades as early as 9.20pm GMT. I like to have the possibility of trading prior to 10pm, provided that the applicable spreads are ok. On CMC this has worked out ok for trades on Cable and EURUSD.

Are there any other brokers that enable trading prior to 10pm GMT?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can guys can offer!

Feb 15, 2012
Trading forex on Sunday nights can be very profitable for us, as the gap will generate hype in rates and thus we can take advantage of such a wonderful chance to earn.
Dec 8, 2010
Did some research on this and came up with Oanda - it appears they allow you to trade round the clock - even during holidays and weekends. In one of their forums someone asked the question how this was possible when the fx markets were closed, and a senior forum member replied:

" I think they have enough of internal liquidity in the range of spread. When it's not enough they just widen spreads and/or move quotes to attract the opposite side. OANDA is a 24/7/365 "trading session" itself"

Hope this helps!