Trading and Mental Health


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I agree with you it is surely one of the best ways to kill anxiety

It’s the best way to kill everything .....I stopped drinking 4 years ago as I had health issues from prolonged stress etc .....( yep trading and work related)

Feel 100% better these days .....not perfect but much better than if I was still drinking alcohol



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You can keep up yoyr health in good condition, only when you keep taking regular breaks while trading. People usually feel exhausted when they continue trading for the entire day without any pause, that's wrong according to me.


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Trading might definitely have an effect on mental health. But a trader should have the understanding to develop emotional self control to not get affected.


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Traders who aren't afraid at all aren't exist. Therefore, don't look for them - everybody is scared at the exchange in one way or another. Only the experienced ones show it as the artist's excitement before going on stage, and the beginners sticky sweat. Traders must deal with their fears, otherwise you will not be able to trade at all, you will go where it is safer, but there is less money. Why fears prevent you from trading:
-they distort the perception of reality and provoke stupid loss-making decisions.
-paralyzing the ability to think, driving into a numb, which can lead to missed time, profit and deposit withdrawal.
It is extremely important to understand them, to understand yourself, to assess your abilities objectively, otherwise you will be thrown out of the market within a few months - most traders drain their deposit within 6 months and leave the exchange forever. And they think that the reason is in the sphere of trading itself.
In fact, the reason is different:
-Exaggerated expectations;
-A slow reaction when you enter a deal;
-Trying to control the situation, which is in principle uncontrollable and other.
To achieve results in trading, it is necessary to stop throwing from strategy to strategy, not to go through chaotically different techniques, but to concentrate on one and work out the skill so that it bounces from the teeth. Most beginner traders make the same mistake - not only do they look for months and years for an easy method of making money, but in addition, they consider it a mistake every lost trade and every lost money on it.
Thank you for posting this. I think everyone needs to read this


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yes always take care of your mental health
I agree it takes mental effort to follow your day trading strategy. When sick or focused on other things (maybe a relationship or family problems, health issues, or sickness in the family, money problems) the attention required to trade is divided. It makes us more prone to making mistakes, such as entering the wrong order, messing up our position size, missing trading opportunities, or acting out of emotion instead of following our strategy.


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Really great and honest post indeed.
One advice I don't see mentioned on this thread is planning your day, sticking to a routine. It's hard to find balance especially if you are your own boss. What I do is schedule mandatory breaks and relaxing activities. And I do mean mandatory, I treat meditation, exercise, eating regularly etc. as high priority activities and when I'm taking a break, I deliberately stay away from things that enable my "workaholism".


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A stable mind is very important to build to get trading in your favour. I make my mind relaxed by sitting in my garden with a cup of coffee.


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I think that one of the main problems lies in feeling incapable, or at times, not good enough. It is normal to feel this way especially if you are still starting out. You need to devote time to understand different aspects of the market, as well as get used to trends, key indicators and tools that could help you out. I believe that if you are not willing to be focused and retain a certain level of motivation your mental health might indeed suffer or prove to reduce the effectiveness of your decisions when trading. So it is best to be calm and rational, and attempt your very best at keeping your emtions at bay to make well informed decisions.


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Sorry to hear that you’re struggling with this. For me, taking a break and finding things that are relaxing really helps when things become overwhelming. Maybe you could go sit on your back porch, enjoy peace and quiet, listen to music, or whatever calms you when things feel rough. Don’t sacrifice your mental health for trading - take breaks from it if you need to and get plenty of rest.


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One way is to have down time that has nothing to with trading.
That's key for me also some physical exercise even walking.
As long as it has no ties to trading
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