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Below is a link to a site for those new to trading or thinking of trading futures.

It's free.

It will not turn you into overnight successes but maybe point you in the right direction.

Link under "Trading resources"....Transcript of a seminar on trading .

Neil, your links are always superb, and this one is a real gem. :)

Keep pulling articles out of nowhere - I, for one, really appreciate it.

For the NEWBIES or not so new. A host of links related to trading methods/resources/styles.

Get through this lot and you will not need to spend thousands on "courses" and your questions will be more focused.

So get stuck in and chew a bit every day. Then emerge a more enlightened trader or potential trader.

Here we go.....:,2614,3+8880,00.html

(start on SNOSUR4 post ) (Pivot calculator)
( More trading links)
(Reading Price/Volume Bars)

Sore eyes?....well there is a lot more out there. I've only posted a few here that I have stumbled across. T2W has more resources in it's resources section.

Some of the above will appeal to you, some will not. You may adapt bits here and there to suit your personality. Never forget that the biggest obstacle to being a successful trader is that is a toughie.

Good luck.