Equity weighting advice


Hi all,

I'm new here and was after a spot of advice. My background for the last 7 years is in futures trading. It's been up and it been down but overall not too bad. I'm now involved in property as the stress of futures was not doing my hairline any good. I am keen however to continue in the less stressful trading pursuit of cash equities. I have developed a plan and strategy that appears to be working on a simulated account (still needs tweaking). I am however looking for some advice on how best to weight a portfolio. For instance; say I have £30,000 to invest and would like to spread this across say 20 different stocks. Is it wise to simply invest £1500 on each equity or to weight each stock? If weighting it what are the parameters ? I understand that a £5 stock may shift to £8 quite easily representing a huge percentage move whilst a stock costing £120 might move only a smaller percentage. Are there any hard and fast rules a seasoned equity trader can offer or point me in the right direction of some good literature? Sorry to waffle on but I'd rather go into battle fully prepared.
Many thanks for any advice.