Just noticed that the 'system is down for maintenance'!
Is this a normal occurance??
i've been using tradindex for about 6 months now. its great for people who dont have a lot of capital to start with (some may consider this a bad thing!). you can trade the usual malarky like indices, commodities, currencies, bonds and stocks (though the spreads on US stocks are huge). no doubt they are constantly adding more stocks and reducing spreads and have come a long way since i joined them last sept. however, only recently, my orders have taken about 10 secs to fill which is unusually slow (im on ADSL and its almost instant) and as i write the website seems to be down. lol!

click on 'product info' once the website is back up and you'll get a list of tradable mediums along with their spreads, min stops and min deposits.

you can also open up a free 'player account', allowing you to blow £20,000 using realtime streaming prices (oh, and maybe practice your trading system while you at it ;)).


wideboy pasted earlier view on Tradindex i put on an eralier thread:

It doesn't have all the features I would like hence the reason for posting the original message.

Things I do like are the chart, as it seems upto date not delayed by 15 minutes like some (but it has no tools eg stochastic etc) and it forces you to have a stop loss before you place a bet which I think is a good thing. Also the virtual account is excellent and exactly like if you had the real account.The other thing is that it prices are different from Fin Spreads and City Index , dont know whether the daily price is the exact price of the index as it doesn't seem to update as often as the others. May be wrong on this point as was not aware of spread bias was till I started reading these boards. I have also found the telephone support to be very good.

Things that I dont like are that it doesn't allow OCO orders hence if you have a limit order on an open bet and you get stopped on it ,the limit order can be triggered later in the day. This happened to me a few times but I was only virtual trading. Also the minimum is a pound unlike 50p on Fin Spreads.
Thanks Deskpro for your views.
I have had a little play and it seems ok, especially for the beginner with limited funds as the margin requirements are very small, and you HAVE to place an initial stop - gets you into good habits!

Extended Trading Hours

Just recieved an email from TradIndex. Here's the blurb:

"At TradIndex, we’re always striving to improve our service and give you as many trading options as possible. Due to popular demand, this month we’re pleased to announce an extension in the trading hours from Monday, 3rd March on our three most popular indices. TradIndex customers can now place bets on the FTSE 100 Future from 08:00 until 17:30, the S&P Future between 08:00 and 21:15 and the Wall Street Future from 13:00 until 21:15. (All hours are GMT). "

I used Tradindex for a coupla months late last year; found it slow to get into/out of trades, slow updating, limited in chart facilities and it was difficult or impossible (forgotten which) to change stop losse; hence I quit. Seems to have tried to upgrade itself since then but other bookies' sites were much better then and probably still are.
Has anyone entered the competition that is on the Tradindex website to make as much as you can in a week with £20000. The winner gets £2000.
Do you realise why they run these competitions? Simple. They are there so that the sponsoring company can find the good traders, and maybe offer them jobs - it's a cheap recruitment method.

You'll see competitions like this on some of the big US brokerages (there was one on PFGbest not so long ago which had a small-ish entry fee and a $20,000 prize IIRC).
It was run in conjunction with Shares magazine I think, so I could`nt see it being a recruitment drive, just a promotion for them both.
I am interested in Options Trading and would like some input about this method of trading. Also can anybody recommend an Options Broker for trading the Us Index such as the Dow Jones please?
Ref the above comments on TradIndex - I have just closed my account with them and switched to IG Index - finally got fed up of going to close a spread, waiting, waiting, putting in a password, waiting, waiting only to find out that in the time that had taken, I'd lost another 6 or 8 points. Don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I prefer instant-execution as with IG : click the buy/sell button and it's done, as quick as you can say it. The platform that TradIndex use is slow, outdated, not user-friendly and downright awkward compared with most of the other brokers I looked at....and you can open an account with under £200 and trade for £1/point if you like.

Of course, if you open an account with them, feel free to mention my name as a referral and I'll have the bottle of bubbly every time, please!! :cheesy: