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hi all just found this site and have to say how great it is lots of great information and help available im considering changing to interactive brokers as you guys/ girls seem to give a good review i just wanted to know as i use tradestation can i plug it straight into ib and do away with my data feed to cut costs thanks for any help or advise. regards mark
You can connect TS2000i to IB. You need a product called Metaserver RT. Maybe TS6 works also but I wouldn't know.

The demo product supports two items only. I have it setup for ES and ESTX50 the two main markets I trade. Its NOT easy to setup, you have to get the right symbol names in TWS, MetaServer, GlobalServer and TS2000i.
Hi nickw cheers for that looks fidely but im sure i will get there i use ts2000i also do you know if you can get data from ib as i use signal and you can download as and when you want it . regards mark.
Tradestation and IB

Hi Marky,

You cannot get historical data from IB, only realtime. But, depending on what you trade, you can download loads of historical data FOC from the Tradestation option. As Nick says you need to purchase a program called Metaserver RT to get Tradestation2000i to work with IB from and this costs $99 but is a one off. Once you have this you need to set up Tradestation as if using DBCsignal online. You will also need to setup the IB TWS as follows: Click on "Configure" select "API" and tick all options. Then your ready but you would need to boot applications in the following order TWS, MetaserverRt then Global Server. You will get a message from IB asking if you wish receive incoming etc .... just click "yes"

You should note that IB limits you to 40 symbols

Good Luck

tradestaion / ib

Hi guys
Ok ib account set up and downloaded meterserver , and need to join tradestation 2000 to it could you please tell me do i copy and paste tws into excel and then setup meterserver from there or is there someting else i need to do had a quick look but hit a wall any advise welcome . regards mark
IB with Tradestation

Hi Marky,

To get TS2000 to work with IB you need to do, or make sure, the following is done:

1) Boot up IB, go to "Configure" select "API" and make sure all options are ticked

2) Start up MetaserverRT and make sure you have inputted the symbols that you wish to monitor. You will need to make sure they match those used in IB exactly. So for example, right click in the "Symbol" field of MetaserverRT and select add symbol and for the Dow future as an example make sure the format is as follows:

Symbol = "YM"
Exchange = "ACE"
Category = "Future"
Expiry = "200306" (this is for June 2003)
Click "Construct TS/MS Symbol"
Click OK

Now click the green triangle and you will now get a message from IB asking if you wish to accept .......etc just click "Yes"

Start up TS2000 and go to setup and set up as if using DBC signal online. When this is done close down and start up again this time making sure you start "Online"

Add symbols as normal but make sure they match what is in MetaserverRT in name but it is not necessary to match the exchange if you select automatic.

You should get the data you need now but IB does limit you to 40 symbols maximum

Good Luck