Tradestation 2000i with eSignal


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tradestation2000i with esignal problem

i recently subcribed to esignal equity basic.
i tried to use it to feed data to my tradestation2000i. the data manager from esignal says '1 connection' which is ts2000i connection, but when i open up a new chart on ts2000i, it shows blank and it says "no data available for date range".
i picked a legitimate date, daily from 1/1/2004 to 2/20/04 , but it just wont show anything.

anyone can help?


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TS2000i does not automatically backfill data from the likes of esignal, in fact it doesnt autobackfill at all and you have to do it manually (unless esignal have a way around this which I am unaware of).

There may be an option in esignal to get backfilled data that you then import.

What instrument were you trying to view ?



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Not sure why you can't display the data, but it may be that you have not collected enough data to show anything yet.

You can install a TS2000i plug-in that adds an option in the GlobalServer menus to allow back-filling of data from eSignal. It is still a manual process to kick it off, but the download and import all proceed automatically once you have selected the data you want to backfill.

The plug-in is available on the eSignal web-site. See You may have to register to view the forum.



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tradestation 2000i with esignal

hi. thanks to people who replied my post earlier. i got the patch from esignal to get it to work with ts2000i. but the bad thing is it won't update the gap from last update to current time. do you know how to make it 'automatically' download data from esignal and display it continuosly without a gap?


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The above site has Ondemand Server for TS2000i which I use with TS2000i and eSignal. It will solve the problem of access to history off eSignal Servers. It is worth every cent. TS7 is way too expensive!! I think you can try on 1 symbol and see if it suits your needs b4 purchase.

Happy trading!


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I am having the same problem. The daily chart, (3 years), is in realtime as you can see the closing price change, however when I open the 5min or tick or 1min chart there is no movement - it is not in real time.

Any suggestions welcome.


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