Traders up for a pint in London

Thanks. No preference. (As long as there's not a train strike!).

Saturday probably a bit more relaxed but it's no biggie.
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Personally, Saturday 24th as I work late weekdays. However, gotta go with the consensus so whatever it shakes out as is fine. If I am there, I am there!
Jamaica Wine House, Looks like it is shut on weekends, if your thinking of a meet on the Saturday.
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Cant make the 9th March, England - Ireland, Six Nations ,have a good meet and hope and it goes ahead. hopefully make the next
Hi guys! I've just joined this forum, and would be glad to attend 9th of March, if that's OK.
Great, I've booked for 4 then, if anyone else wants to come let me know in the next few days and I'll update the booking.
blackhaz , No more posts from you . Sounds like the 9th is going to be a blast, wish i was there.
@Sharky, I'll come unless something crazy comes up on this day. Can you please confirm this will be 9th, at Windmill in Waterloo, for 12 noon?
@blackhaz, @charles2 please confirm you're coming on Saturday.

I'll also probably pop into the London Trader Show in Hammersmith on Friday, if anyone is going?
Hi Sharky,

I said in post on the 22nd i am unable to be there (England v Ireland ) game on the 9th , but hope the meetup and meal goes well.

Hopefully make the next meetup.
@blackhaz, @charles2, @alan5616 sorry it’s very last minute but due to a family emergency I won’t be able to make our lunch and drinks tomorrow. You’re more than welcome to still meet and I can change the booking for 3 people but would understand if you’d prefer to reschedule. Just let me know today otherwise I’ll cancel the booking tomorrow morning first thing. I’ll suggest a new date in the coming weeks.
@Sharky Sorry to hear about this, and thanks for letting us know. I would need to skip as well, as I'm not feeling very well.