Traders Alert - Vince Stanzione

Feb 22, 2009
scam scam scam

Buy his course for £97/147 and you are guaranteed to be hit for £5000 invitation

suck that and God help you

Check his sistersite recheluncoversspreadtrading run by himself
Jul 20, 2008
I am very sorry mate, but thats the biggest mistake of ALL traders around the world... "it is not my fault" IT IS HIS FAULT!
IT IS TRADERS FAULT TO LOSS MONEY.. not stanziones, not james not bloody hells fault... IT IS MY FAULT AS A TRADER that I lost money...
I AM NOT DEFENDING ANYONE SYSTEM or EAs or so.. I lost money, I never blamed anyone... Except of me... Yes, its not nice that trader losing money of course..
BTW, I know that my mistake is that I do not follow my trading plane. I allways looking for excuses.. but they do not exists.. I tried VS "system" once... I made around 300 pips in one week... But OOPS
I traded only 10 cents per pip, cos my account does not allow me to go higher...
OK I closed trades and waited for next signal. it did not come tat time. And you know what? I did not WAIT for other signal, I simply traded another system, another stuff, and no 10 cents per pip but more...... bla bla.. lost my 300 pips twice.... or more times
VS? James16? anyone else???
NO. I am TO BLAME!!! I did not follow my plan, I did NOT even had one!
Thanks for reading this...

I hope you do make all your money back mate....I mean it is not your fault...all traders in a an constant search of the holy grail.....and it is only human for yourself to sign up to someone like vince as you are the ideal candidate to him making his millions...
I think now you should clear your head this weekend and develop your stratergy to make you £6000 back...
Happy Trading
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Jan 15, 2018

Did anyone else besides me, subscribe to Vince Stanzione's recent Traders Alert service?
I did. He's a conman. He has the cheek to do interviews and then tell people that people selling investor courses have a hidden agenda. He should know, he's one of em.