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QCOM at a precarious level. On the 13 min. it bounced between the two prior low (bottom of the tails on the daily chart). On the weekly chart, the intersections of the short and long term (2 years) regression lines and channels comes in at 21 by early June (doesn't mean it's going there, but she's in a severe downtrend).


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Nasdaq 100 4 min chart target

Here's a "Gartley 222" pattern with a downside target, derived by cloning the line indicated (same angle, and twice the distance). These patterns seem to reoccur with regularity, giving a measure of order out of chaos.


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Strongest trend in the entire U.S. Market

Interesting Fibonacci retracement levels with this strong trender.


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Powerful Butterfly Pattern

Gartley Butterfly Patter w/ target


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Ex-Enron Analyst

Homeless Day Trader, used to be an Enron Analyst! He had a buy rating on it til the end!


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Hi Turbo...............oops francis

Does MM & Gold know youre out playing on your own:D
Of course, I post the link in text. This is a nice formum for posting charts, unless you know of another.....
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Pattern Failure

See Active Trader Magazine, March 2002, p. 44, "Trading Inside Out."

"When a normally reliable pattern fails, the market usually makes a significant move in the opposite direction. The failed signal is actually more reliable than the original signal."


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