Trader Creates Kylo Ren Indicator


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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Traders have a myriad of technical indicators to utilize in their efforts, but one Star Wars and Kylo Ren obsessed investor has come up with a new idea that could change trading forever.

Stock Wars: The Market Awakens
Davis Ellison lives a dual life. He's a successful day-trader with 20 years of experience negotiating the financial markets. When he's not trading, the self-proclaimed 'super-geek' originally from Bayside, New York is all about Star Wars.

TrendSmasher caught up with Ellison and asked him about his new discovery - a powerful technical analysis indicator he discovered within the celluloid of the record-breaking movie.

TS: Mr. Ellison, thanks for meeting with me today. Before we get into your technical analysis breakthrough, can you tell me about your recent move?

DE: (laughs) Sure. Well, a month before Star Wars: The Force Awakens was about to open, I moved directly across from the AMC 25 in Times Square. My family was kind of upset that we left our six-bedroom house on Long Island for a studio apartment, but I think they knew how important this was to me. I just wanted to be as close to the theater as possible."
The Kylo Ren Oscillator
TS: You wanted to-

DE: I wanted to be able to see the movie as often as possible. As much as I wanted. To this date I've watched it 218 times. My time trading has gone down some these past few weeks, but during the 83rd viewing I noticed something. It turns out that Kylo Ren's movements in the film have a predictable pattern. I know I shouldn't have done this, but I recorded each appearance of Kylo Ren on my iPhone and used the footage to create an algorithm that allows me to know the exact time to buy or short - and when to exit trades. I call it the Kylo Ren Oscillator.
TS: That's truly amazing.
DE: Yes, it is. Now, I'm down to seeing the movie only once per day, in IMAX 3-D, of course. But this last week has been incredibly profitable. I'm up over 6000% in just four days of trading. At this rate, I may be able to buy the rights to Star Wars from Disney (DIS) in a year or two.
TS: Do you plan to share your find with the rest of the trading community?
DS: You mean like all those so-called trading systems? Seriously, if you had the ultimate way to make money, would you let anyone know? Even for a couple of hundred bucks a month? It makes no sense, but you see those kinds of advertisements all over the Internet. No, I think I'm going to keep this particular blaster right in my holster.

TS: Dave, I just wanted to thank you for speaking with us today and good luck trading!

DS: May The Force Be With You, TrendSmasher.
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