Trade2Win's 10 Year Anniversary - Day 5 (Anatomy of a Trade)


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"If you can't stand listening to my voice, please just recommend my post."


You know it makes sense...


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Is that a box of matches in your pocket - or are you just pleased to see me?
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I interpreted EJ's PM as an alert to those people who had voted for her first trade, in case they had not noticed that the voting had had to be extnded, because of the dead-heat.

The remark about not listening to the clip was clearly a joke, albeit based around a bit of false modesty.

If DT had PM'd me in a similar manner, I wouldn't have thought any the less of him for it.

I was slightly tempted to buy a Kindle, but was put off when I realised you could not relate text in the Kindle to pages within the printed book, which would negate one of the uses I would have had for it (quickly finding references which are hard/slow to find in voluminous printed books).


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i think the owners can be dissappointed with the way this competition is finishing :|

in the beginning it was nice and lots were good sports by making trades like on sports and fading others and there was some good fun. i tried to make it fun as well by talking up my trade and saying about a new competition and everything but nearer the end it went downhill fast.

then it got "cliquey" and then there was an "anti-clique" i think with bogus voting being acknowleged but ignored and then messages and everything and in all that which has been the best contributions and even the nice atmosphere have been lost in the Sturm und Drang.

if i was a mum or a dad i would take away the kindle because nobody can play nicely.


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But as well I am not a mum and dad so:


DinoToast has said on this blog that if he gets the most votes then he will let me have the kindle. I dont know why because they look cool but whatever he said it so I am not going to look a horse in the mouth :p

Then if everyone votes for DinoToast it will not be because of trades or cliques because all that is lost now and no fun. I can be a protest vote and request for new competitions with my reviewer $40 amazon vouchers :-0

my competition will not be anything about trading because that is obviously like trying to have a p1ss up in a brewery and too hard.

I will make it a fun one not one from a hat but like "who can make the best poem about trading without the letter T" or something and I will pick the winner not rubbish voting because I will make a competition about something i know loads about so am knowing how to pick a winner!

oh and DinoToast wont be able to enter or EliteJets so noone can say it isnt fair ;)


dont let it finish bad everyone it was a good competition week lets finish on a high with a FUN comeptition :)


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Just 10 minutes to go and, as things stand currently, elitejets is in the lead with 18 votes against 14 for DT. Still only a 4 point lead and time enough for those who think DT's trade is best to mount a rear guard action . . .


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After nearly a week long contest, we have a WINNER!

Congratulations elitejets!!! :clap:

The prize of a Amazon Kindle 3G and $100 of trading books will be winging its way over to you shortly!

Special mention to DionysusToast, who came a close second with two exceptionally good entries.

The final scores from this second round were:

- elitejets (Post #350 - AUD/USD) - 18 RECOMMENDATIONS

- DionysusToast (Posts #342, #343, #346 - S&P E-Mini Futures) - 16 RECOMMENDATIONS

That just leaves me to thank everyone that took part in our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations.

We hope the week of contests and prize was just as much fun for you, as it was for us. I think we'd all agree that T2W needs more contests like these and that's something we're definitely planning on doing this year.
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