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loose [lewz]
verb (used with object)

1. To have money taken away from you by the market on a dumbass trade: I shouldn't have entered that trade, I knew I would loose.

Lee Shepherd

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Means a particular subject of great worth.

Other meaning:
Do not take drugs, forget about the 'e'

Used in sentence:

Yo bro, you forgot the 'e', very intersting.


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Tarder..often confused with someone who is unsure if he is gambling or investing.

probably missing a "U" in replacement for another vowel!


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tarder [tah-dar]

1. What you think you are. (just kidding)
2. A person who bags pips on Endex: Kinell bud, use your nut and bag some pips, are you a tarder or not?

preferred method of travel of said "tarder"


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vendor (vendo'or)


all the expletives of the modern world rolled up into one word

commonly used by T2W Guardians of the People police (uniformed, plain clothes and special branches) or by those who should be cursing themselves.


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lulz [lull-zz]

1. Intentional conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance: I did it for teh lulz
2. Unintentional conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance: Did you see teh thread titled ‘Make 500 to 1000 pips each month 100% gauanteed'?... lulz!

the hare

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paps [pah-p'ss]

1. Unit of imaginary profit or loss achieved whilst demo tarding "teh forex"
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Hakuna Matata

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1. offset one position with another
"I hedged my long GBP/USD trade with a short EUR/USD"
Not to be confused with the two legs of short EUR/GBP position


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I remember seeing the term "pwned" on many occasions so can someone please enlighten me as to what this meant ?
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