Top Trader 2024 Contest - 2 week contest starts Monday! 🌟


Trade2Win is excited to partner with the London Trader Show to spotlight their Top Trader 2024 contest. This event offers participants a chance to compete using a demo trading account, with the winners presenting their strategies at the show. The contest runs for two weeks before the show, with a variety of prizes for the top traders. For more information and to participate, visit the London Trader Show's website.

What’s in Store?
  • Duration: Dive into a two-week trading frenzy using a £10,000 demo account provided by Tickmill.
  • Prizes Galore: From a luxurious Champagne Dinner at The Shard to sumptuous hampers and Amazon vouchers.
  • Showcase Your Strategy: The top four traders will not only bask in glory but also share their winning strategies live at the "Meet the Winners" session during the London Trader Show.
How to Participate?
  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Get your Tickmill Demo Trading Account ready.
  3. Trade any asset class and aim for the highest profitability!
Key Dates:
  • Competition Kick-Off: 12th February at 5:00pm (UK time)
  • Grand Finale: 26th February at 5:00pm
  • Winners’ Session: 8th March at 11:00am in the Main Auditorium
This is more than a contest; it's a chance to connect with like-minded traders, enhance your skills, and possibly walk away with fabulous prizes. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to shine among your peers. Let the trading begin!

For more details and to enter the contest, visit Top Trader 2024 Contest.

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How times have changed!
Does anyone remember the week long competition that ETX Capital ran sometime back in the noughties? First prize was £20,000! They also had daily prizes: I won a very nice bottle of Margaux - but that wasn't for making the most profit on the day - it was just for finishing the day in the top ten! If I remember rightly, starting capital was £20k and I turned that into £200k - or something crazy like that. The strategy was a dollar cost averaging Martingale 'system' which worked beautifully - so long as one didn't blow up one's account. Needless to say, that happened a lot. But it wasn't a problem, as there was a 'reset' button and one could simply start again from scratch with another £20k. If only these brokerage firms would do that with a live account!
Ohh the good olde days! :LOL:

Just a reminder that the contest starts today at 5pm UK time! 🤞
I tried to sign up but apparently the very south of England is no longer part of the UK
according to tickmill o_O

I've pushed on regardless, ignoring the not in the UK message, ending up on Seychelles servers.

Yes Tim, brings back fond memories of old, I shall be using the tried, trusted and true method
of pick a direction and lumping it all on the US30.

I take it there will be no leader board at all?