Too good to be true?


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Thanks for feedback. I've now gone back to tradersbulletin with some questions (prompted by the issues you've raised). Apparently the average risk is 50 points, to average reward of 20. Success rate he's aiming for is +75% (currently at 83% since June).
On a separate point - do you generally load your trading account with your full fund? From the comments in this thread, it sounds like people do this. Surely that must mean that our brokers are sitting on huge amounts of our cash? I know we don't get much for it in the bank, but I'd still rather keep it there than with my broker. (Obviously keeping enough in the account to cover margin)


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On a separate point - do you generally load your trading account with your full fund? From the comments in this thread, it sounds like people do this.
If you believe that our money/financial systems are sound and MF global was just a fluke then i guess you might. :eek:
Otherwise, definitely not. Give them the minimum amount that enables you trade your size and keep the rest in a place you consider to be safe ;)


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Doesn't tell you how many positions he's sitting on either, unless I'm not reading it correctly or fully. It's like on fxbook, there was a guy who had something like 400-500% gain, but his current equity was 25%! he was sitting on 75% loss! Hardly what I call a winning strategy.


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I don't think anyone was drawing any conclusions from that.

I already mentioned at the outset that "this trade sample isn't statistically significant", but assuming it was he has positive expectancy. (As everyone knows win ratio and win/loss size aren't by themselves the only important factors). However he will still go bust - this is a fact - not my opinion. Although I don't think most people here understand why.

So explain why....................


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I said that because I noticed you'd already liked DionysusToast's naive post earlier in this thread - i.e. you thought you already knew the answer before you asked me - hence why should I waste my time explaining further?

"but you still wish to play secret" lol. Do you know how childish you sound?

With all due respect to the OP, the whole post is pointless, the sample data is statistically irrelevant, but your playing smart pants, feel you can make judgement on a sample you yourself think is too small, that in itself defeats your futile point. One trade lost 10%, for all you know this could be an anomaly that may not happen in this chaps system once every thousand trades, that's if he has an edge, you just presume it will be a common event because it's in the sample.

Your comment was typical of many on forums, that's why i agree with the previous poster, i have been in this trade since 1984, semi retired now, and this is my first venture into making a few posts, but in all that time the people are just the same.

"However he will still go bust - this is a fact", based on your amazing mathematical ability to analyse a useless sample. Re-read your own posts, you contradict yourself.

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Thanks for reminding me of the pointlessness of arguing with retail chumps. Have a nice day.

So far all your posts, including your last are based on opinion, which you have boat loads of, but zero facts, so Mr Big Time Hollywood, go on be a sport son, give me a pearl of your wisdom, throw an old man a biscuit.
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