To the non believers.


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To the non- believers

Cant find this thread on Trading for a living, has it been moved?.
Would like to know the out come of this.
Curious, this thread that was replied to only yesterday does appear to have been deleted does anyone know why ?

It does appear to have been deleted, although I don't know why. Sometimes there is a need to delete a post within a thread if it is offensive in any way, so it could be that someone deleted the whole thread instead of a single post. Not me guv'nor.
As I assume it's only the thread originator (or Sharky & Mods) who can delete a whole thread, maybe Jules didn't want to go public with his strategy after all !!

Feel free to correct me Jules.

im working on it, dont expect too much, and you will think my strategy is foolhardy but it works for me and i will show you what i do
<<The long awaited non believer’s strategy>>
Aim: 5% a week with acceptable risk controls
This strategy uses both technical and fundamental analysis, in wide ranging markets and non trending markets it is exponentially more risky. It is not a trading system per se,
It doesn’t use any broker of any kind it is designed to be used in conjunction with Betonmarkets; despite the risks associated with betting, losses can be limited to 10% using triggers. It is a medium term strategy 5-7 days, using digital options.

I personally prefer trading in Forex, the rules in Forex are in essence the same as equities trading. In this ‘tutorial I will use the currency pair Euro/USD,
This pair is by and large indirectly correlated i.e. the DOW goes up the Euro/USD will fall, so data intended for equities trading can be used for Forex.
If the economic outlook for the next week is negative, e.g. negative earnings assessments for a few key DOW players. Then it is reasonable to assume that Euro/USD will rise, so if we take a Bull/Bear bet 50 pips off the money then we can afford the market to reverse 50 pips before our money is at risk.
We can also get a better price if we buy the bet (digital option), before London & New York.

Remember this works for me, I get above average returns and I spend less time trading. Its not in much detail if u want further detail then I’ll write some more when I get chance.
Jules will you please remove the banner at the bottom of your post. It could be offensive to some people.

I wonder if the flashing banner is the reason why the previous board vanished?

Thanks for the strategy Jules, More details would be appreciated