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It appears to me that tech stocks are out of favour at the mo so what non tech stocks are you currently interested in.

Personally i never follow tips from mags and papers however my attention has been drawn to Auiron energy ( AUY ) i have researched them and now own 5K worth.
What non techs do you currently rate

Hey my first post

I agree Sef, we should be looking at granny porn, oops nno I mean retailers....look at Arcadia and Debenhams for a start. I'm sure there are plenty more examples....While we have been waching techs fall there has been a rally going on. I suspect tis maybe a bit late to go long on them, I'm going ot do some fundamentals research and see which old economy stocsk now have PE's higher than tech stocks! There will be some! And I'm going to get my magic shorting stick out on them.

Good Luck

Good point...only it seems that we`re a little late..perhaps we should have started this thread at the time we started discussing the TMT we need to concentrate on both at the same although tech stocks seems to be out of favour, they still provide some best buying opportunities with most of them at their lowest prices..
energy stocks seem to be the in thing - most up a £1 or so, but we seem to have missed the boat as they started moving up weeks ago. Seems the market was more aware than us (well me actually) of the need for defensive positions. Just think - I could have been a happy smiley camper. Retail Iceland ICE and BWNG look good.

I receive Growth Club Investor email tipsheet every Friday. This weeks 'mentions' are
Ashtead AHT rumours of more takeover talk
SR Pharma SPA
Compco CMP
Disperse Tech (Ofex I think)

First time I've looked at it in months but I thought I might list them and watch for any volume movements. Watch out for Monday morning buying.
I don't trust any tips also, but I paid for this in the heady days of last Dec.
JJB.. JJB Sports, on a 4 week high (if you use that system)
BBA.. BBA Grp, bottom forming on weekly chart

I hate to add these but
KWL.. Kewil bottom forming on weekly, but will revisit 400p
ETE.. European Telecom, looks like bottom forming on daily and weekly. RSI and Stoch in right place on daily

Probably a kiss of death to all of them
I'm watching Renold RNO .
Good results posted last week and all buys on friday.Not a great volume admittedly but I believe the price will move up next week.
Dab - this could be A BOTTOM FISHER ??

Volume spiked today with 1300% of avg. vol traded, but 50/50 Buys to Sells.

Up 7.5p = +9%

Recent results may herald a return to form and it may pay to follow the trend.

Beware - This company managed in two years to halve a £22mln pre-tax profit to March '98 to under £10mln by Y/e 2000.

May need a few more positives to send this one north.

Good Luck

Thought I had posted this one this morning but must have bombed out.

I won't do a full report but recommend you research for yourself.


Let me know what you think????

£10 in 3 months ???

Luminar alerted a couple of times about a fortnight ago. Usual basis..vol spike + ma blah blah.
If I remember, in a downward trend channel, perhaps 10% from top to bottom.
Have you heard news that might make it break through the top?