This weekends share discussion.


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We sorted Oxford Glyco out last weekend and yesterday held its short term post mortem.

Does anyone have a share that they consider a possible buy for Monday that we can all 'offer our views' over the weekend.
Still nursing my wounds no trades today.

Maybe we should resurrect Parity (PTY) - no apparent reason for demise to 126. MM's at it AGAIN - ?? another profit warning due??
Interims to June showed down on '99 maybe second half will follow suit. Nevertheless this company does make a profit and trades on a P/E of 15. 126 represents value.

CHB (Chubb) looks poorly treated down to 178 (-16%) today. Were 255 at time of recent demerger from Kidde, at least its not a tech stock.

Will Shire (SHP) reach £11 this week ????
Bush is supposed to be good for drugs. Cocaine for me please George!!!!!!

Food for thought.

Have a nice week-end


Just when i'm about to throw in the towel along comes my savior...SHELL.
Not for Monday, although that would be nice, but the new year.
SHELL have a buy back due in Jan which will help.
The oil price?, yes a factor, but not too significant in the natural cycle of this stock, unless it fell dramatically.
I bought today because it was within my 'buy' target could slip further but my strategy is to accumulate rather than go the whole hog in one go.
Tell me i'm wrong.
all opinions are appreciated.
I think I'd risk my shirt on SHEL rather than PTY or SHP (can't get CHB on my aiq.. can anyone else?)at this moment. I think theres somemore downside but Jan/Feb is usually a good time for SHEL.
Might be a bit of +divergence on Dirmov starting to form.

Can anyone offer an opinion on where the Elliot waves are on SHEL. I'm a bit of a believer in waves and cycles.

Just spotted this on City Wire

15:28, Fri 15 Dec 2000
Chubb performs poorly at Olympics
Security services group Chubb today warned that its Australian business has slowed down more than expected after the Sydney Olympics.

Chubb said Australian sales would fall short of expectations by around £25 million, and profits by £4 million, with no immediate upturn expected.

But the group added that all other areas were performing in line with expectations, with continental Europe showing a 27% rise in sales and the Americas recording a 23% growth.

Chubb (CHB) shares fell 18p to 195p.


I had a look in and went thro the sectors which, historically, do well in the next week.
Out of 9 highly rated sectors, I found 2 shares that might be interesting...
Scottish Power SPW
TT Group TTG

With both, short term stoch are on the way up and have confirmed.
Who would back a stock to succeed, with this amount of volatility around ,TA is not really reliable in this climate. Too many false signals. Only my opinion


I agree with Col...till the markets settles down and establish a proper trend, TA is not fact it may have an adverse effect if not supported with news and correct anticipation of political and economic developments...I think under such circumstances charting can only tell us where the support and resistance levels are... they still are not reliable as to if they will hold...

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ok, here's one. Flomerics (FLO). Lowish and positive P/E. Looks/looked promising. Why has it fallen last few weeks?
I am biased as I hold shares. This reply assumes you have some knowledge of Flomerics.

Flomerics has a world-class product that is supplies to a number of Electronic and Computer Giants. A high percentage of its turnover occurs in the US and because a number of its customers have put out profit warnings, and hence their share price has fallen, then Flomerics has also fallen.

Flomerics does have seasonality in that a large number of its recurring revenues are signed up in the second half of its financial year, until 31.12.00. Markets don't like uncertainty and the fear that it generates. Some people may be worried that its customers will try and squeeze margins or cancel orders. My own opinion is that this is unlikely. As long as Flomerics current thermal product cuts down on the time taken for a product to get to market and as long as this is not detrimental to a company's current operations will always be bought. The cost to its customers is negligible in relation to the costs saved and potential revenue gained by getting a product to the market quicker. As evidenced by the fact that after four years of trading it made a profit in the first half of this year (six months to 30.6.00), for the first time.

Also, if you look at the volume of shares traded, a negligible number, then I personally am not worried. As the shares are tightly held be a number of institutions and company personnel they are relatively illiquid and so volatile. Adverse sentiment affects the share price, as shown, and so it falls. But because it is volatile then it will rebound just as quickly when favourable news flow comes through.

I believe this will be when it announces the successful launch of its ‘magnetic’ product. Components, which suffer thermal issues, also suffer magnetic problems. This new product received favourable reviews when demonstrated and already Hewlett Packard has signed up for it. A number of other companies are said to be waiting in the wings. This product was said to be out by the end of September and so over the next few weeks we should learn of its launch. Flomerics are serious about this product as evidenced by an important member of their management team from the acquisition of Kimberley Communications Consultants being relocated to America a couple of months ago (I forget the name).

Flomerics is a company with a world class global product, which has recurring revenues, high margins, an impressive management team and a new product which it should be able to cross sell to existing clients at relatively little extra cost, and the new product should assume just as much importance as its thermal product, within 18 months of its launch.

(I am a Novice Investor. This is not intended as Investment Advice. If you wish to buy or sell shares please seek the advice of an Independent Financial Advisor before doing so).
Top for charty; re Shel
I'm in at 520.
If i was'nt greedy i'd sell now, so i'm giving them a little longer; I may be wrong but have got plenty of leeway if it reverses.
Good luck
Got it, reply on the other thread on SHEL only.

The above does not represent financial advice.